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Heroes: Becky Straw at The AdVenture Project

Adventure Project World Water Day

The Adventure Project was co-founded by Beck Straw, a friend and hero of mine. The Adventure Project is a non-profit organization established last year to increase investments in positive social enterprises around the world.

During for World Water Day they pledged, with the help of a whole bunch of bloggers, to help raise money for a particular water project. I promised to help them, but I was sick and didn’t manage to get my pen out yesterday. But I will write about them anyway, as I really like what they do.

Becky used to work for Charity: Water before she started the Adventure Project. I met her in Istanbul at the World Water Forum, where she presented at the “Thinking outside the water box session” the session before me.

The next thing I am going to do, is click on the banner above, and donate money to the project they are supporting in India. The money is used to train and employ handpump mechanics. And if you like me, have been in India, then you know there is a big pent-up demand for that. Lots of broken hand pumps.

To wrap it up, here is a short video which @charmermark filmed of Becky, when she worked with Charity: Water, together with Ian Thorpe, then at PumpAid.


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Heroes – Joop van Lenteren

My brother in law, Joop van Lenteren, has over the last twenty years taught me many things regarding sustainable living, particularly with regards to agriculture. He has served as a mentor for me when I needed to move away from the rat race and help me find a place in a sustainable bigger picture.

Besides being a great person and my brother in law, Joop is a Professor of Entomology at Wagening University and is one of the worlds most respected entomologists in the area of biological control of pests and diseases. He has won multiple science prices, including: AkzoNobel Science Award (1982), Koninklijke/Shell Prijs (2005) and Rank Prize for Nutrition (2006).

Some of his most significant scientific papers are:

Lenteren, J.C. van, 1990. Insects, Man and the Environment: Who will survive? In” Environmental Concerns: An Inter-disciplinary Exercise”, J.Aa. Hansen (ed.), Elsevier, London : 191-210.

Lenteren, J.C. van, 2000. A greenhouse without pesticides: fact of fantasy? Crop Protection 19:375-384.

Lenteren, J.C. van, Bale, J., Bigler, F, Hokkanen, H.M.T., Loomans, A.J.M., 2006. Assessing risks of releasing exotic biological control agents of arthropod pests. Annual Review of Entomology, 51: 609-634. + supplemental material.

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Heroes – Sunita Nadhamuni

Sunita Nadhamuni at the old Arghyam offices in 2008, at a meeting with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia

Sunita Nadhamuni is the CEO of Arghyam. Sunita is a very interesting woman. She is without doubt one of the most dynamic, intelligent and humble people I know. Sunita has a background from information technology and has moved over into water and sanitation only recently.

Argyham has, under Sunita’s direction, moved from being a completely new NGO to being a real powerhouse at the national level in the world’s most populous democracy. After only 4 years they are already called in at minister level to help “sort things out”.

Today I had the privilege to compare notes with Sunita and discuss the progress of our respective organisations over lunch.

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Heroes – Raiha Buchanan

It takes many heroes to make an awesome event, like the 170+ city event called the Twestival, which happened last night. The even was organised by volounteers for charity:water. The video shows some of yesterdays heroes at the Stockholm #twestival. The organiser, the lovely @raiha, one of the bands, The Deportees and the crowd.

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Heroes – Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta works on sustainable technology. Specifically he has been working on the Hexayurt, low cost emergency shelters. Vinay is my hero because he synthesises sustainability in a way I have never heard anyone else do. In this video Vinay talks about some of the work he has done recently (January 2009) with Akvo. He talks specifically about how to pool research together into bundles and get different organisations to collaborate on this.

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