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About Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson

My work

Co-founder and co-director of Akvo Foundation aka where we build and run open-source online and mobile phone services to fix poverty.

I am part of the Board of Advisors for the India Water Portal which is part of Arghyam.

I do business development with Seawater Greenhouse, Ltd., maybe the way to produced food which has the lowest environmental impact possible.

I am also about to wrap up my Master Thesis (Magister) in Environment Science from Stockholm University, (Really Soon Now™). My study focus was energy systems as well as water issues.

How to get in touch
Twitter: @bjelkeman
Skype/iChat/AIM: bjelkeman
Phone: +46-8-626 7609
Formal: me on Linked in
Pictures: my Flickr photo stream
Top level web site:


In 1983 did my military service at Upplands regiment as a telecoms specialist, and ended up a lieutenant in the reserve, working as a teacher for a few summers at the Signal Corps Officers College, 1985-1986. This was interspersed with one year at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, at the department of Electrical engineering.

I started working in the IT industry in 1987, when I worked at Ericsson Radio as a system administrator for a while. Then I moved to London, UK, in 1988, where I worked as a technical consultant/systems analyst and later project manager at Interleaf. I moved to the Advanced Technology Group at Interleaf HQ, MA, USA, in 1991, where I stayed until 1994.

I helped start the Coyote Group Inc., CA, USA. in 1994. We made a web based document management systems, which was sold to Stellent, Inc. and then, much later, sold to Oracle.

In 1995 I moved back to London, UK, where I worked as a document management consultant for a while, implementing cutting edge systems for British Biotech, Abbey National and the Welcome Foundation.

In 1997 I co-founded ISSEL, London, UK, which is still around, selling high-end web traffic analysis software MarketWave HitList.

In 1999 I co-founded Zezame, Inc., CA, USA, which built web page annotation systems. We shut down after the dot-com bust. I still work with several people from Zezame.

Since 2003 I have been working part-time on business development with Seawater Greenhouse Ltd., London, UK, which offers maybe the best way to produce food with the lowest environmental impact.

In 2005 I started working on a Bachelor/Master degree, or Magister as they are called in Swedish, (3+1 years) in Environmental Science at Stockholm University.

In 2006 we started, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, an open source software foundation which runs online and mobile services to help fix poverty.

This blog

This was originally a travel diary, which specifically was set up to tell my tutor at Stockholm University what I am up to when travelling, but also to let my colleagues at see a more comprehensive travel diary, beyond my twitter stream. It has now grown into being my place to blog, as I found the writing to be a good way of thinking about what I do.


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About Bjelkeman

Co-director: Akvo Foundation

+46-8-626 7609

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