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Today has mainly been spent on getting PDF files of the relevant documents and entering them into the reference database. If you don’t study at a university it would be prohibitively expensive to actually do any research work. I couldn’t do it as an individual, as there is so much material hidden behind paywalls.


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Research tools

Something important to me when doing research and writing is to have a good set of tools, which don’t get in the way, when you are trying to write or learn about new things.

Beyond a web browser and a fast internet connection, which has become ridiculously important, I primarily use a reference database and a writing tool. The reference database is Bookends and the writing tools I am experimenting is Scrivener. I also do a fair amount of data visualisations in MS Excel.

The last couple of days I have spent trying to figure out whether Scrivener will actually work for me, I think it may do. But time will tell.

I have a bunch of reference documents which I have started entering into Bookends. This will get me reading again on what I have on the subject I am researching.

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