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Travel to Visakhapatnam

Travel day. This turned out to be quite the adventure. We were flying: Bengaluru -> Hyderabad -> Visakhapatnam. But our flight to Hyderabad was delayed by 4 hours, which meant we would miss the connection. A very nice young man who was also in the same bind found out we could book a flight on another airline to just make the connection, because the flight to Visakhapatnam was also delayed, and would not start earlier. So we cancelled the first flight and booked the second flight, on which we got the last two tickets ($ ouch). The connection in the end was delayed enough that we could have just stuck with the first flight, but we couldn’t have known that. Oh well.

The team from VJNNS, who we are visiting, was kept abreast of events and valiantly waited for us to show up. The drive to Narsipatnam ended up being in the dark but uneventful. Anitha at Arghyam brilliantly supported us whilst we tried to get the tickets sorted out, despite it being a public holiday, Republic day.


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