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Quick chat with Niteen about Water Information System

Niteen Shastri, manager of technology, Arghyam

Today I had a short but very effective talk to Niteen Shastri, who is the manager of technology at Arghyam. He has been working on a design and the idea of a Water Information System for India, which I talked to Sunita Nadhamuni about last year. There is much data about water which isn’t tracked or shared properly in India, and this team has taken on the task to try to define how can one track water data and make it really useful at the gram panchayat level (local elected government, 5-10 rural villages).

The rest of the day has essentially been a day of preparations for the rest of the week. Among other things there is a review of the India Water Portal which I have promised to do for Friday, which I spent much of the day doing. We have also been packing for the travel tomorrow.


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