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An unlikely meeting

“Great dinner surprise with @bjelkeman , @leuteren , @ahminotep and lot of new ideas”

Today was mainly travel back from Ahmedabad to Bengaluru.

But something really interesting happened at a nice dinner which Anke and I were invited to at Vijay. When we get there there we were introduced to Parolkar who I hadn’t met before (nothing strange there) but he turns out to be someone I “know” from Twitter, just from the day before.

Parolkar has moved in as a neighbour to Vijay recently and they had only talked briefly to each other about what they do. Parolkar had heard that Vijay was working with the India Water Portal and he mentioned to Vijay about as he had been looking at what we had been doing, because of our brief tweet contact the day previously. So Vijay invited him for dinner too. We had a lot of stuff to talk about in common, Vijay, Parolkar and I. Maybe it wasn’t such an unlikely meeting after all…


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