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Urine as a resource, not waste

S. Vishwanath explains the function of a urine separating toilet to students from Iowa State University

Today we went to the Agricultural University of Bangaluru, where we were shown field experiments with human and cow urine as a replacement for commercial fertiliser. The university project is the first of its kind in India, at a higher education facility, and the country’s first two PhD students showed us their work. In short the result is that human urine is better fertiliser than commercial fertiliser and cow urine is nearly as good. The test crops produced yields which were within 5-10% of each other, but the human urine fertilised crops flowered up to 10 days earlier, with a product which was as good or better than the crops which they used commercial fertiliser on. The main benefit is that the urine is free and you also remove the urine as a waste as part of the process.

(Picture and a video to follow.)


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