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Books for children, for 40 Euro cents

Photo credit: Praham Books

Today we visited an amazing organisation called Praham Books, and we met Gautam John. They are a non-profit organisation which publishes books for children in up to eleven Indian languages. Research has shown that children learn to read in school in India, but do not retain what they have learned, because there is nothing for them to read. So Pratham Books was set up with a goal of having one book for every child. The publish children’s books of amazing quality and at the stupendous price of…. 40 Euro cents / 25 Rupees.

Pratham Books publish about 50 books per year in five to eight languages per print run. They print tens of thousands of copies per print run. What is amazing is that even with this low price a team of professional people they actually manage to break even. Pratham Books was founded by Rohini Nilekani, who also founded Arghyam.

We discussed how some of their work with schools and reading projects overlap in technology and reporting requirements with the Akvo work and we’ll compare notes further down the line and see where we can shore knowledge and maybe technology.


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