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Gram Vikas

Gram Vikas executive director Joe Madiath (left) before starting the presentation of their organisation to Arghyam

Today I attended a very inspiring presentation from Gram Vikas, which is an NGO that operates in Orissa, India. Gram Vikas has won multiple national and international awards for their work and it is impossible to hear Mr. Madiath talk about his work without being impressed an humbled.

It is hard to really summarise the work Gram Vikas does in a couple of paragraphs, but Vishwanath and Praveena captured it well in their twitter streams today.

Here are some sample achievements:

  • 54,000 biogas plants constructed between 1983-1993 by Gram Vikas in Orissa
  • Wasteland in the tribal villages where Gram Vikas works is convereted to forests
  • Water and sanitation is used as a vehicle to close the sustainability in tribal villages of Orissa
  • Gram Vikas has trained 4000 rural youth in masonry, plumbing, who are converted from unskilled labourers to skilled, and more than double their income
  • Over 90% immunisation of children , 90% enrollment in school, girl children over 80% attendance
  • 100 % coverage of all households, 24 hours running water, sanitatin all homes is their model in Orissa. People are ready to pay for watsan
  • Toilets and bathrooms built for 44697 households in 701 villages together with the villagers
  • Piped water supply in 320 villages, they are working on it in the other 350+ villages

With some luck I will be able to go visit some of their project villages in Orissa next month together with some staff from Arghyam. I am looking forward to it.


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