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Ask the experts

Today I spent the whole morning talking to the Indian Water Portal team at Arghyam. The discussions were far ranging, and we are following up with further discussions next week, as we ran out of time. The one thing I would like to highlight from today’s discussions though were their excellent service:

Ask the experts

The “Ask the experts”  service enable the citizens to pose questions about their water problems to a panel of water experts. These experts are answering these questions purely on a voluntary basis.

This is a service which I haven’t seen done this way anywhere else in the world. We discussed how we could scale this up and use it in more places in the world. How can we make more people read this and learn the answers.

In general it is interesting to see some of the most successful online water and sanitation related discussion groups are based in India, including the Solutions Exchange, which participates in Ask the experts.


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