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New communication methods

Amitangshu Acharya from the Arghyam projects/grants team

Today I have been talking to the Arghyam projects/grants team about new communications methods. Arghyam, like so many other organisations working in the field of water and sanitation, do great work. But if you go to their web site it is hard to see that this is the case. Most projects are only described in the most general terms if at all and there is essentially no dynamic information displayed. Typically organisations working in this field are often overworked. They know the stakes and they are struggling to get the good work done in the field, at the same time as they are aware that they need to tell others what they are working on. The communications, to the outside world, as well as even to their colleagues are often what gets put on the back burner.

I believe that with modern communication tools, this type of communication can be made a lot easier. At Akvo, we are building tools like this which integrate everything form mobile phone SMS tools to Google Maps/Earth.

The key question I got today was: “When can we get the SMS tools to test?” Mobile phones are key in this space in a country like India. The next question I got was: “When is the Google Maps integration done?” Showing that widely available technology, like mobile phone SMS messaging, can be closely related to considerably more high tech cloud applications like Google Maps, which only works for people connected to the internet.


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