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Getting my ducks lined up

Team meeting at Arghyam, where I introduced myself to those that hadn’t met me before. Good to get an overview of what goes on in the different teams.

A lot of today’s work was about lining up meetings. I found out that the executive director of Gram Vikas, a well renowned Indian NGO, is coming to Arghyam in ten days. The director has invited me to visit them when I met him last time in Istanbul, at the World Water Forum, so it will be good to follow that up.

A former CTO of Yahoo India, is interested in talking about how Akvo works and how our experience is relevant for the healthcare sector in India. I am meeting him later this week.

Amitangshu Acharya, who works in the grants team at Arghyam, (fifth from the left in the above photo) and I talked today about how to use social media networks and tech gadgets to encourage young people to participate in water advocacy. We will follow that up soon. He gave me a stack to read up on the special situation. We also discussed options for him on how to get a suitable grant to go study integrated water management at Uppsala University. Not as easy to solve as I would have hoped.

I did a lot more, but that was mainly “normal” Akvo work, which I won’t bore you with.


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