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A day at the conference participants

Some of the participants after my presentation of the Akvo Platform.

The conference is a place full of hackers. People who don’t only consume computers, electronics and software, but create. There were talks about how to assemble your own electronics hardware from components, with details such as what type of tools to clean the electronics board with when you are done soldering (a toothbrush). And then there were talks about typical design flaws in web based software, leading to exploits, with nearly every subject covered in between these two extremes.

I had the opportunity to present the Akvo Platform to a small but very interested audience and I learned some good things from their questions.

Getting to and from the conference takes nearly an hour in the heavy Bengaluru traffic, and with the conference not stopping until in the evening, the days are fairly long, so tomorrow I think a somewhat slower pace is called for.


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