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First day in the Arghyam offices

I talked to Arun Patre today about his trip to Copenhagen for the COP15 summit.

Today was the first “real” day in Arghyam’s offices. I had a very interesting meeting with Arun Patre (picture above) who is going to Copenhage later this week to attend the COP15 summit and negotiations. He is representing Indian Youth Climate Network (@iycn) on this mission. We discussed the use of social networks in getting the message out from COP15 and how to influence the process. I also had several ad-hoc meetings, catching up with old friends at Arghyam, including Sharada Prasad, Deepak Menon, Vishwanath and meeting new friends.

I spent quite a lot of time catching up on email and still helping troubleshoot the network where the Akvo development servers are. We made some changes to enable better remote access to the network there via a Virtual Private Network, but it backfired on us in unexpected ways, so we have decided to roll back the changes and try a different approach.

Tomorrow I am expecting to got the FOSS.IN conference, which is an open source software conference which is held in Bengaluru this week.


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