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Arrival in Bengaluru

The trip to Bengaluru (Bangalore) from Stockholm was essentially uneventful, which is how I like it. One hour delayed departure due to rain in London, where we transferred through LHR Terminal 5. We were met by a taxi driver at Bengaluru International Airport at 06.00 in the morning, and it was 15 degrees C and very foggy. The taxi driver was so cold he was shaking, quite a difference in perception compared to how we felt.

We didn’t sleep that much on the flight, so we grabbed a couple of hours of sleep at the place we are staying before we headed over to Arghyam, where the reception was warm and enthusiastic as always. It was good meeting those who I know already and seeing the new faces, also the new Arghyam offices. It seems a lot of the people at Arghyam had watched the video of me, which Mark Chamer shot, where he asked me what I was going to do in India. This brought out quite a few laughs, as I hadn’t seen it myself yet. After that we wandered around a bit to familiarise ourselves with the neighbourhood and ate some at the local vegetarian restaurant.

The day wrapped up with the weekly conference call with the Akvo team, using Skype, where we had ten people in (I think) nine separate locations, sitting in San Francisco, London, Hague, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Bengaluru. The internet still amazes me, and I have been working with it for 15 years.


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