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To be “useful” at the edge of the cloud I really do carry too many things. Someone picked up my backpack the other day and only said “heavy”. It is clear that I could rationalise this somewhat, but I am not quite there yet. The KeySpan remote could be replaced by an application on the iPhone (not depicted, I took the picture with it). I could stop carrying the camera and the Flip video camera, but the quality of my iPhone 3G camera isn’t really good enough and it doesn’t do video. I could skip my Moleskine notebook and only take notes on the laptop, but it is really distracting to do that when you are meeting someone. The noise cancelling headset is great for flights but I don’t like wearing it during long Skype/iChat conferences et cetera.

I actually travelled on a semi-business trip with only my iPhone once. It worked, but it was really cumbersome not to be able to take notes in meetings, not be able to show a presentation properly and only get crummy pictures of some of the locations were were in. So there we are, a much too big collection of stuff to connect to the cloud.


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