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The installation experience – Open Office for Mac OS X

So I downloaded the latest release of Open Office for Mac OS X. I need a word processor that can handle 30-60 pages and doesn’t have a screwed up paginator like MS Word.

So here were the first impressions:

1. Registration asks for a bunch of things. Should be enough with name, email, intially. Get people to fill in more if they want it.

2. The registration confirmation email sends you to a page which says you are now a SDN member. Is this really the right audience? I would have thought that links to things like:

– new templates
– tips and tricks with Open Office
– how to go from MS Office to Open Office

etc. would be much much more powerful.

What they have at the moment only a develper would feel at home with and is Open Office only for developers? Didn’t think so. The whole package (the welcome package) is just way to “techie”. They need to get some consumer software folks involved.


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